Brian has been married to his beautiful wife for the past 33 years. They have been blessed with four great kids and 1 grandchild. They enjoy spending their time  playing golf, riding bikes, going for walks and entertaining their grandson. They have been active volunteers for their church and community since moving to Waunakee in 1990.

      In August of 1985 Brian was diagnosed with cancer. Generally speaking, that is not something you want to hear from your doctor. Fortunately, the cure rate was high for his type of cancer and he has been cancer free for the past 36 years. Having cancer at the age of 24 puts a lot of things in perspective, so Brian doesn't worry about the little things in life. He would rather spend his time helping you find the big things in life like helping you find your dream home. Brian retired from the construction industry in 2020 ,having spent the last 44 years as  a home remodeler in his families business. His construction background gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to checking out potential homes for his clients. Brian would be happy to help you find a home where you can start building memories with you family and friends so give him a call.